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CG - Insecurities (ft. Dragguhn)(Official Visuals)

:( Can you please just watch this music video I made? I worked so hard on it and it has no views, and I thought it was good. :( can I get some feedback also?

CG - Insecurities (ft. Dragguhn)(Official Visuals)

DO YOU EVER FEEL INSECURE IN A RELATIONSHIP OR DATED SOMEONE WHO WAS?! WATCH THIS VIDEO!! It’s a music video me and my friends worked really hard on. Please give me feed back!!!

*(C) PLTGNG Films 2014 Starring: Marci Tharpe & Billy Harris Song By: CG/Dragguhn Album: Memoirs Of A Dreamer Download Exclusively at HotNewHipHop.Com/King_CG*

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