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Twerking kids


You’re pretty. I just recently started liking girls (That;s Cool)

Is your pussy big? (Ummmmmmm idk lol)

Does your pussy smell good? (I take regular showers lol)

Has your pussy been played with? (Ummmm i guess)

Do you play with your pussy? (Masturbation is a normal part of life)

Does your gf play with your pussy? (Uhhhhhmmmmmm yea)

Can I play with your pussy? (No as the previous question stated I have a girlfriend,)

Has your pussy been eaten? (Tf is wrong with you?)

Has your gf eaten your pussy? (Omgg these questions)

Can I eat your pussy? (Nah)

Have you eaten pussy? (………….)

Can you eat mine, I promise you its clean , smells good and is a virgin waiting for your sessy ass to eat it out (HELL TO THE NOOO!!!!)

Tehillah’s Note: Who ever sent me this. Here is the answers and my girlfriend thinks your funny) 


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